Do you still use Film? Of course! I'd say 80% black and white, 20% colour (mostly positive, occasionally negative film)

Do you Develope your own? Yes - I develop all my own black and white, but colour goes to the local lab

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Digital and Film? I have never had a digital camera (other than my iphone) but in my opinion it's useful in having a quick turnaround, being able to learn new techniques (like flash photography) quickly, and there's no intermediate step between taking the photo and sharing with others. Disadvantages - too much chimping leads to not being in the moment and missing other photos, too many photos mean dealing with storage and other workflow problems, the cameras don't seem as interesting/fun to use as older film cameras. Also, deleting perceived "bad" shots doesn't leave any time for reflection as to why it may be bad, or to the realization that it's an interesting photograph anyway. As for film, advantages are that one can try a variety of cameras/lenses/film for a specific look, working in the darkroom is fun, being in the moment when taking photos, making each shot count. Disadvantages -- the time between capture and development (and then printing) can be long, requires scanning to share with folks in a digital world, difficult to find film or chemicals at the last minute or in emergencies, too many cameras to use!

Can you, do you use both? Only film cameras, iphone used for snapshots

Do you use Film then scan the negs before printing? Scans are only for sharing on the net or by email, all prints are made optically in a darkroom.

Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident? I think there are just as many happy accidents with digital, but they may tend to get deleted!

Have you any other thoughts as to why film feels different/worse/better/more precise / clumsier? Shooting film is fun. It's different from digital, I don't have to spend hours in front of the computer in a digital darkroom. I have to rely on myself rather than the camera to produce good results. Film cameras often draw reactions from people -- good and bad, but interesting nonetheless.