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Yes, I know! But I'm using a Focomat IIc and I can't use any lenses except the Focotar 95mm, 100mm, 105mm and 60mm.

But my question was why exactly is 80mm (or 100mm) better then 60mm (or 50mm) for 6x6? I understand that each focal length is optimized for a given enlargement ratio (10X, for example) and in accordance with the height of the head itself, but if the height of the head is not a problem then why would 80mm be better then 50? What is the real reason behind this? Because saying that a 80mm lens is sharper then a 50mm lens is not true. Besides the ease of use and keeping the ratios sensibly the same why would it be bad to use a 60mm lens for 6x6 format?

Maybe you can answer?
I have just got the brand new first series 80mm Componon lens out of its, pristine box and measured it - It fits the Focomat IIc very easily in either side - However, the mounting thread is 25mm diameter, but comes with a flange, so all that is needed is a metal Leica screw thread body cap with a 25mm hole drilled in it to take the lens

Absolutely simple, but never done as I am waiting to find such a body cap, so the project has remained unfinished for nearly fourty years - Now for that beer!!!