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Do you still use Film? Yes
Do you Develope your own? Yes
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Digital and Film? Film is less precise, less perfect, more likelihood of surprise. Digital isn't bad, it's just another technology I can't afford.
Can you, do you use both? I suppose that I could but I don't. Digital is not interesting to me.
Do you use Film then scan the negs before printing? I could but I don't. A digital reproduction is not useful to me.

Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident? Yes, for good and for ill.

Have you any other thoughts as to why film feels different/worse/better/more precise / clumsier? In part because I can't immediately review what I did. In part because as a computer programmer for more than 30 years now, the last thing I want to do at home is sit in front of a computer screen. And, in part, because film can be manipulated in ways which do not provide entirely predictable outcomes.

Many Thanks in advance, you will be doing me a huge favour, I have some answers but the more the better.

Also feel free to add any questions I should be asking..........
Please see answers in bold above.