Do you still use Film?Yes

Do you Develop your own?
Not yet

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Digital and Film?
-Film forces me to think BEFORE I shoot, which is about the best thing to do if one wants to learn photography. When I know I have just about 37 shots in a roll, I start avoiding the shots that don't seem interesting. With digital, more time is spent shooting than thinking.
And of course, as others have mentioned, with film there's the advantage of archival.
-Digital is good if you want to keep changing ISO for every shot or move immediately from B/W to color.

Can you, do you use both?
I can but don't. I shoot just film, and occasionally borrow a digital from friends to shoot an image or two.

Do you use Film then scan the negs before printing?
I get prints AND scanned images. Prints are for me to see and show some close friends when we meet, scanned versions are for fb/flickr etc.

Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident?
Nope. With film you always think before shooting so by the time you release the shutter, you know pretty well what you'll get.

Have you any other thoughts as to why film feels different/worse/better/more precise / clumsier?

-Feels different because it is.

-Doesn't feel worse at all, in fact film has a unique look to it that digitals don't.

-Feels better because of tangible results (prints and negatives or slides) and also the fact that there's an element of surprise involved from the time I shoot to the time I see the prints in hand.

-Precision I think has more to do with the superb build quality of cameras and lenses from older days than the ones in market today. It's great to know I can shoot a camera made in 1978 and still get results that are upto today's standards technically. With digital, it's rarely beyond half a decade.

-Clumsy: Occasionally, yes. If I've to stop and change rolls in broad daylight or dusty areas it bothers me a bit.