Little late to this discussion, but I just spent a couple of hours "playing" around with my used White Lightenings infront of the Christmas tree a few days ago. My X1600s were about 5 to 6 feet away (with PLMs) from my victims and I had them dialed way down for f8. My sekonic L-358 (used too) was right on everytime. I used digital to start, everything on manual, and fired one stobe with a Catus V4 transmitter to one strobe that fired the other optically. Waiting on the film to come back to see how the film camera did.

Pictures on digital came out well and were very good practice before the film camera came out. I know you have said you were going for stobes. I highly recommend something from Buff new or used. Also, some sort of radio trigger will make your life that much more enjoyable using them...and you can find those used too. I am not a pro, and don't leave the house (yet), so cheap Cactus and used Buff equipment has transformed my "Christmas pictures in front of the tree experience".

Both here and at Buff's site there is some really good reading, research, and website leads for increasing your knowledge and confidence in using your stobes. Now I don't look at a still photo the same......I analyize the lightening before even hardly looking at the subject of the photo......

Bob E.