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Try this, login Paypal, click on Send Money, are there two tabs, 1) Purchase, 2) Personal (aka privé transacties)?

In the US, 2) Personal are not covered (ie Gift, cash advance, living expense, payment owed, other)

Some of the 1) are also not covered, but I believe "Purchase>Goods" is, at least here in the US

Anyone think different, OP call the Paypal Custome Service maybe?
Just did like you said, you're right, thanks. This means that as a seller you're protected from paypal fraud if you choose to be paid through the second tab (gift etc), if I understand the paypal terms correctly.

However, this may not mean you're free from a chargeback by the buyer's credit card company. Anybody know more about this?

About calling paypal, I've done that once, but it's full of obstacles (I seem to remember that you need some kind of code that you first have to generate on the site or something) and I doubt that the paypal employee on the other end of the line would be willing to discuss topics of fraud if I'm not currently involved in one such case myself.

Paypal must be the only company that holds my money while at the same time being almost impossible to contact (things may be different in other countries). I would never accept that from my bank or credit card company. It's amazing what these paypal people get away with: appalling service, high prices, intransparent set of rules. The only reason that I bother is that you can't get around them if you want to sell/buy (especially sell) internationally.