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And I thought the OP was only complaining about nikon AF lenses build quality.

I can only comment on the lenses I've actually used, other marques may have similar problems. There seems to be an inconsistancy of build quality throughout the Nikon range. I have other Nikon AF's more solidly made than the 35mm f2, like the 20mm & 180mm. that have given no trouble. Also I have a couple of Tokinas in Nikon mount that are not only equal to my Nikons in quality terms, but seem to be of better build quality, raising the question of whether it is worth paying the often considerable extra cost of the camera makers own lenses.

A lens like the 35mm f2, is liable to be amongst Nikon's most used lenses, so it's surprising there should be build quality and sticky diaphram issues with it...I shall be returning to manual focus lenses in the main from now on.