I'm new when it comes to medium format film and looking to get started with a simple, reliable setup. I've looked at TLR's, I've looked at 645's, RB's, and RZ's, and decided that I'd prefer the size and handholdability of the a 645 system. As for which to pick, I just decided to go with Mamiya as it is relatively plentiful, and gives me good lens options at a reasonable price. I've been researching the internet over to try to put together a decent system and figure I should ask some of you who are more knowledgeable than I if I've left anything out or accidentally got something incompatible.

645 Pro. I don't need the more expensive TL, but I do want MLU and a newish body.

I could really use some guidance here. The 645 isn't going to be a fast action camera for me so I figure I could get by with using a handheld meter instead of having an AE prism. What would be the best non-metered prism for a Pro body? Or perhaps should I look for a AE prism with inoperative meter.

Focusing Screen:
Either a matte A screen or the standard E screen. Does it make much difference? I've used split-prism screens in my FM2 and FE2 and a matte screen in my D700 so I'm comfortable with either type.

I think it might be advisable to have hand crank for the times when batteries inexplicably die.
And I'm also leaning towards a WG401 grip so that I can use AA batteries and autocock the LS on the 150. Does this seam like a good plan?

Backs and inserts:
2 120 backs and inserts
1 dark slide for swapping backs

80 f/1.9C
150 f/3.8 N LS so that I can have a higher sync speed for the times that I want to use flash.

Odds and Ends:
Caps and such...

Thanks for your advice!