We're way off topic now but just for the record...USPS does not meet the standards necessary to protect the seller from paypal's INR claim or SNAD claim. Their international registered mail is a joke. Not only is it not available in most countries outside of the US but it does not require a direct signature from the recipient - it's merely an indication that the package was dropped off. Furthermore, there's no guarantee that the carrier in the recipient's country will fill out the forms and put the info back into his country's postal system computer network. In any event, for items worth more than $250 international registered mail does not satisfy the requirements necessary to cover the seller's butt. Best bet is to pay the extra cash for an international carrier with a homogeneous track and confirm service that includes an electronic signature (think UPS, FEDEX, DHL). As a frequent seller to foreign countries I've personally confirmed this in a conversation with a manager from Paypal.