HI I think I figured it all out!

I have a fully manual camera, my friend sold me last I was back home (BC)... its a Mamiya/Sekor (I prob over paid. but anyway) I have Kodak 400/27 in, and there is a ASA/DEUTSCHE-IN Number, which I set to 400-27, then I select the appropriate shutter speed. right now my camera is set to 125? not sure between 60(in red) and 125 AND the Aperture I have at 4.5 (indoor light) also I don't use a flash on this camera, because there is not holding gizmo for it, (Its a pain in the Tüches to hold a flash when its plugged in (via cord)

So am I doing this right? lol ? haha
The f-stop/aperture on this camera is f-11/f-2.8 or something... and for not so good light I have set it to 4.[x] inside another film BOX (200/24) the film said under different lights which aperture/f-stop to use so I just picked, but does it different between 200/24 and 400/27 ?
(My 400 film did NOT have a chart thing, I looked inside and outside, all it says is good in all light conditions which to me aint very helpful

SO I have my manual camera figured out, BUT my Pentax I am downloading its manual (For free I AINT paying no donation. FEH!) And I'm finding out I think it does the ASA/DIN automatically because you can only adjust the shutter speed and f-stop (And the camera has auto-focus, which is turn on/off I leave that to auto because i find it easier... because I have to take off my glasses to take a picture and I can't see how focused it is on my camera :S Also I will leave the f-stop on automatic as well on this roll of film and see if that was a problem fixer (Ill have to wait until develop these rolls - will let y'all know!)

P.S. I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL Christmas, or Chanukah. My Chanukah was pretty good this year!