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My newest Nikkor lens is ca. 1972, oldest about 1966 or 67. They range from one in 98% condition to well used with lots of shiny aluminium on the focus rings. A couple had to be disassembled for new grease. They are all in 100% functional condition, with silky smooth focus and aperture rings.
The plastic lenses are cheap crap for people who are willing to throw something away instead of having it serviced - they could have been made of metal, and still work in AF mode, but that would have been expensive.

My own experience is that in situations where you could really benefit from autofocus (i.e. very fast moving subjects), it's liable to let you down anyway with imprecise focus. I've now gone back to manually focussing everything....it's how we always used to do it!....with better results.

I get the feeling AF systems rely on you shooting at f5.6-f8 where most things are going to be infocus anyway. Once you really test the system with fully open aperture settings, the lack of AF precision begins to show.