Do you still use Film? I think that question would be answered by anyone on APUG by "yes," me included.

Do you Develop your own? Yes, all formats and both B&W and color.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Digital and Film? Film cameras and equipment cost much less than the initial outlay for a digital professional camera. Also, I find working with film satisfies my artistic impulses better because it is infinitely more tactile and because I'm making all the artistic decisions. That said, digital is better for when I need to know that I "got the shot," and for color work. It's also more convenient and gives more versatility for the amount of equipment involved.

Can you, do you use both? Yes.

Do you use Film then scan the negs before printing? Yes. I use scans to post examples of my work online and to my web portfolio. I also use scans as digital contact sheets, to help me decide what to print optically and how much tweaking of the negatives I need to do in the darkroom.

Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident? Photography will always be a source of happy accidents. I'm inclined to say that more are possible with film because of the variable nature of organic causes, like film stocks, expiration and chemistry, but people tend to be more fearless with digital and using it to experiment in ways they may not be inclined to with film, since the feedback is immediate and they aren't wasting film and chemicals in doing so.

Have you any other thoughts as to why film feels different/worse/better/more precise / clumsier? I have a love affair with film, but I also respect the advantages of digital. However, I don't think digital will ever truly replace film. I feel the best photographers will continue to use whichever method works best for the look they want at any given moment.