You don't need to travel to Afghanistan. Such cameras were in use here in Romania until the mid or also end of the 80s. I travelled last summer to Bucharest and found one of them in an antiques shop. Ofcourse nothing antique was about it, it was just a box with a lens and the mechanism like described on the website. The linkings were still full of oil, I remember when I took my hand out of the box (they let me play around with it) they were black from oil and grease.

I am shure in a lot of other countries behind the iron curtain such cameras survived until the curtain fell and they where replaced by then more and more cheaply avaible digital cameras.
I remember these photographers (sometimes women) waiting their clients in parks or public places in the town surrounded by stuffed animals (most had a bear too but a deer was always present, the bear on two foots, the deer tracking a little car where kids could sit in), cars for kids, sometimes costumes. The target were mostly families with little children that could be set posing with the stuffed animals or sitting in the car, etc. They were active mostly in summer and mostly in towns with (indigeneous) tourist, but not only.