Just got back in yesterday with a whole new problem to share.

I was playing with lens tests with a subject and a large rubber grid mat for quilting, and I dialed in the top and bottom lens to the point where I'm going crosseyed trying to tell the difference. To be honest, I couldn't really tell the difference between with coke can shims and without, but I left the shims in. I think it straightened out the plane, but I don't have any real way to test this. It just felt a little better. Either way, I'm feeling very confident about my first roll (without shims). Thanks for the suggestion snederhiser.

So I put everything back together today and glued the leather back on, and decided to take it on a walk in the woods during sunset. I had a tripod, and was using the timer lever for extra insurance against camera shake. well, 3 shot through I must have jostled the M - X lever and I jammed the timer lever, which left me very pissed. I'm going to salvage this roll right after this post.

I have a pretty good idea on what has to be done - I plan on opening up the shutter enclosure to take a look. I hope I didn't break any springs. I also hope I don't have to take the lensboard off again, I don't want to go through lens testing again.