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I use my hands to develop sheet film. But i was wondering that. When i put my little fingers on photo paper, it ruins the paper at that location. I wonder why it does not happen to theres
Well I have to tell them that because they are kids, once the hands go into the chemicals, they usually end up rubbing their eyes or sticking them into their mouths, so no touching the chemicals in the darkroom without tongs! And always a long wash with soap afterwards when we get out. haha

To solve your mystery about finger prints on paper, its the cross contamination because you are using your hands. It could even happen if you use the same tongs for every chemical as well. Fixer on unexposed paper will leave white traces when put in developer. Developer or stop on paper before exposure will leave brownish traces. If you must use your hands, use atleast a large container of water that you can rinse your fingers quickly when going between chemicals. You should change this water routinly too. Plus try your hands well before grabbing the next sheet.