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I was buying bricks of tri-x at B&H about 6 months ago and the guy there was trying to push Kentemere on me as "the same as HP5", but for half the price. He was an older guy and my experience with him is that he knows his $#!t. Take it with a grain of salt I suppose.
I have been shooting quite a lot of Kentmere 400, and a few rolls of HP5+. I find them similar, but not quite the same. HP5+ has whiter whites to me, whereas Kentmere has a more overall gray quality to it (if that makes sense.)

Price-wise, here in Japan the two films are similar (for bulk, which I buy) and I may switch to HP5+ soon. I've read that it doesn't get along well with Rodinal, but I shall do my own testing

I've been developing Kentmere 400 in HC-110 recently (below 10c because tap water is very cold and I'm too lazy to use a bath) and grain has been comparable to Tri-X and other 400 speed films