krb - Good catch on the dark slides. I've noted that and will be careful to make sure that I have one for each insert. The WLF and handcrank would probably be a fun combination, a la TLR, and help me be more interactive with people while shooting. I'm now considering having both a winder and a crank.

Kurt - The 105-210 looks interesting. Other than a trusty 25-50 for my Nikon bodies, I tend to loathe zoom lenses myself.

Matt - Thanks for the system chart. That is tremendously helpful. I'm personally more of a right-handed grip person myself as I am used to left handed focusing on my 35mm bodies

Larry - I'll probably eventually pick up a wide lens for this. At the moment, my foremost concern is to pick up something very standard as my favorite people lengths tend to be normal to mild telephoto. I need to PM you about some of your stuff as I'm currently batting around possibilities.

John - I looked at a bunch of shots for the 110. I may very well grab one of those for now. It's entirely likely that I will keep my flash-work strictly digital for now anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if I ultimately have both a 80/2.8 and the 80/1.9, but for now, I need to keep things simple. I haven't given much thought yet to adapting the lenses for my Nikon bodies. It's definitely an idea I'll keep open in the future, although that would be a bit of overlap as I currently have an 85/1.4 and 105/2.5 that get plenty of use.