Hi All,

Just to keep you in the loop, we recently sold our house and are moving to the South Island on Jan 6th. This is a big move from the upper North Island of New Zealand to the lower South Island. It's been a mad scramble to prepare for this but so far so good! I have been scarce at times, but with most of the move prep finally done I am now getting back into my inbox and APUG help desk queue. Things should start clearing over the next few days (sorry for the delays if you've been waiting for assistance). We'll be driving to Dunedin which will take us around 6-7 days. I have full mobile capabilities and will be checking in regularly. We should be settled down there around the 15th of Jan. Our moderator team is available for any emergencies or forum support.

I'm looking forward to being in the South Island and rebuilding a darkroom at the new place