I have a 645 Pro which I assembled from various pieces--Keh, Ebay, etc. I had already had an M645 that I purchased way back when. The 80mm 2.8 is an excellent lens & I've had enlargements made up to 30"x40". Get a metered prism--they are far cheaper than the WLF for this camera, in fact I don't ever recall seeing one. I recently picked up a working metered prism in bargain condition from KEH for $49. Works perfectly. Suggest you add the 45mm 2.8 wide angle to your kit. Kind of heavy but great quality. I've used the crank and the winder--although it makes the kit heavier, the winder is just plain faster to use especially with the prism. Although I have the winder for the older M645, I rarely use it. If you must have the WLF, you might actually find it cheaper to find the older M645 or 1000s body with the WLF. It also handles nicely with the crank.