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Just measure the pH and be reassured that if you adjust it to where you want it to be, things should work out.
Ron, Then that's what I'll do. I picked up the pH meter today.

The formula I posted recently has a pH of 8.05. The test-strips said 7.8-7.9. You were right: They're significantly off.

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Don't forget the toxicity of Boron containing salts to Citrus plants. IDK where you are located, but some of these salts are restricted in CA and FL.
With that encouragement, I decided to try removing the borate. The sulfite becomes the sole alkali, and I added ascorbic acid until the pH dropped to 8.0. Without the PG, here's the resulting simple 1-liter formula:

Sodium sulfite ................ 90 g
Phenidone ..................... 0.15 g
Ascorbic acid ................. 3.5 g
Target pH = 8.0. 7.5 min for TMY at 20C.
That's it! And with a brief exam, I can't tell the difference between this formula and XTOL. I'm surprised. Has anyone before tried this simple PC-plus-sulfite formula?

Mark Overton