I'm with CGW.

BUT I love cameras and film - I make my own prints in a make-shift darkroom (aka the hall bathroom) and I do it for the same reason I make my own beer, grind my own telescope mirrors, build my own radios, roast my own coffee and (even) make my own little sailboat. I do it because it gets me back to the roots of these various endeavors. When Photoshop lists the "Burn" or "dodge" tool, I know what that means! It's very satisfying to spend an evening in the darkroom, making a handful of prints. Sometimes I do question myself ("I could hit the print button and make superb prints on the computer!"), but the results and the process are very gratifying.

I shoot tons of digital - my wife and I shot almost 3,000 photos on our last vacation. We printed the best and made a superb album. I'm quite happy with feet planted in both worlds and I readily acknowledge that film is tougher to master - that's pretty much why digital has swept the mass market. The average Joe could care less about all the nuances of this film hobby that fascinate us.

I really enjoy reading the posts on APUG!