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Care to post a URL reference to this test? Simply giving a summary with no opportunity for examination doesn't help your case at all. There's no science in this now tiresome approach.

Funny how there doesn't appear to be a large number of historically widespread negative reports on Nikon or Canon AF accuracy that I'm aware of, nor do friends who've shot both brands professionally with film and digital SLRs complain of AF anomalies attributable to the equipment. Maybe you could show where and how both makers have disappointed consumers for years with sub-standard products?

Private opinions are one thing. It's the private "facts" that are misleading.
=> Colorfoto Magazine, September 2011.

Or if it isn't online, it doesn't exist according to you?

It's not about "anomalies", but about technological limits and about what gives more consistently accurate results. If your standards are low enough, you might not even notice a difference...