Thank you - You were very helpful. Too bad more people in this room were like you. I usually do not come to forums of any kind of people there is always some rude person that thinks I'm stupid or something - well I just started I never took no course in school (it wasn't offered) I did EVERYTHING on my own, with my own eye, no metres, no nothing. And I have two portfolios one of which was in a national Gallery in Germany. So Im not stupid I just never used a fully manual camera before to take the same quality picture. (Also took three years of nuclear physics so I aint dumb...!) Anyway. yes my questions may seem stupid, but I don't think anyone should be rude, I don't expect ANYONE to "spoon feed" me anything It was a SIMPLE question and if you feel its stupid then DONT answer (not you).

I didn't have to go out of my way to come to ANOTHER nerdy forum for HELP... But I am loving all the people that are actually helpful. And What I write might be hard to understand, english is not something I was ever good in

And I LOVE taking pictures, and I read stuff all the time, I write notes, I have several text books and oh my - I was even caught online looking for used text books form amazon, but ALL books were Digital this and Digital that and what books were not digital looked 60 years old. So There goes that (the text book I have is apparently north americas number one University text book, My best friend just got a major in Photography with it, and I read it constantly about the very same question, And LIKE I SAID english is not my cup of tea, so I have to constantly get people to explain it differently.

HERE is another question for you guys (oh my hope it's not stupid...) Why isn't the Deutsche system not used much anymore? I went to a camera store once mentioning it and they had no clue. Anyway. ALSO I have a question ABOUT FILM. Does anyone notice that KODAK is sold out of all profession class 120 film ? Are they not making it anymore? (Ill prob post another thread somewhere for that, since thats not really 35mm at all LOL damn I don't even have a 120mm camera so who cares LMAO)

Hope everyone had a Great Chanukah (whom ever is jewish) and lets hope the new year to come is the best yet! Full of amazing pictures, you know - the ones that shock even you - like damn "I took THAT?" lol

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Ohhhhh fully manual camera (Mamiya Sekor), very nice to hear! That will be an excellent camera to learn on! You set the ISO (same as ASA) manually based on your film (note DIN or the Deutsche system is phased out and we genenlly don't talk in DIN scale anymore), adjust aperture and shutter speed based on light meter reading (hope your light meter is still working) and you are set! That sounds like an outstanding camera! Your other sounds like a great kit too but learning on a fixed lens (non-zoom) is often very nice so you can focus on composition and your body position to zoom, the most pure analog, IMO. Happy holidays to you too, you will have a ball shooting film!