What worries me a lot about all this, and the selling of the gelatin business, is that it could seriously compromise the quality of Kodak's end products. Isn't it likely these other companies will cut quality to shorten payback periods? What the hell does a food company know or care about the intricacies of photographic-grade gelatin?

I've used Kodak films and chemistry along side Ilford's stuff all my life, and theoretically would until the bitter end, but one of the major reasons for that has always been the consistently high quality. I've never experienced a flaw or failure that couldn't be traced to my own error. This is one of the great things about these products, compared with all that rehashed fake crap from Europe people are so into these days, mostly because the packaging has resurrected once great brand names like Adox and Agfa.

Certain Kodak products, like TMX/TMY2, and Tri-X 320 are unique enough that there are no direct substitutes. And if quality goes to shit, I'll have to leave them behind. Never thought I'd hear myself say I'd potentially switch away from a Kodak product while Kodak was still making it.