I agree that increasing fees as well as changes in shipping options of various mail carries is making selling internationally a bit more of a challange. I just sold a tenor saxophone a week ago to a gentleman in Greece. Getting this thing shipped was a bear. I've sold and shipped many saxophones internationally in the past but it's been a couple of years and shipping this time was a bear. This is a very high price item and the only services that would ship it insured for its full value were UPS and FEDEX International but between the size of the package and the insurance the shipping rate would be about $450. The buyer opted to sign a shipping liability realease and have it shiped USPS Express Mail which in the past would have insured it for up to $2500 but that has changed. Now maximum shipping insurance to Greece is $650, a significant difference. In the past they would not have shipped the package Global Guaranteed but now they would accept it but the cost to ship would be over $500. This was the last of my saxophones so I don't have anything that large and valuable to sell anymore but if I did I would probably seriously reconsider shipping internationally.

As a follow up to my original post. The Leica package arrived yesterday! Interestingly USPS's tracking still says the package hasn't arrived in the United States yet. I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about it anymore (a welcome end to my "hysteria") but sure enough USPS's tracking as usual has no relevant connection to the actual movement or delivery of the package. That may not be that big of a deal to some others but I still think that is hugely problematic when dealing with high value items. Of couse the obvious solution is what many have echoed in this thread, just pay the higher cost for the shipping service that provides what is needed. I'll gladly do that in the future.