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I don't think it's quite that simple. I think there are people who are, by nature, inventors. They like creating "better mousetraps". There are also people who like to find ways to make money.

Probably the best business partnerships are when the two get together. Apple in the early days is a perfect example. Woz was the inventor and Jobs the marketer.

Of course it isn't always that simple, but it often is. Much of the technology we enjoy (including many of the advances in film technology) are the result of inventions not for invention sake, but invention to be marketed one way or the other. A lot of the technology we enjoy was developed for government use, initially, using government financial sponsorship - in other words, to be marketed to government buyers and users. Later much of it gets "commercialized" to be sold to folks like you and me. GPS is one example, and there are many others. Other funding sources for inventions are derived from corporate profit -- mostly so it can be sold to folks like you and me. There are still some folks still inventing in their garages but I'll bet the lions share of inventions are governemnt or corporate funded.

Anyway, this is really an "anti-digital" discussion and is not restricted to just cameras. I, too, object to 'throw-away' electronics and the rate of change that ensures that folks like you and me are always buying replacement equipment. Mostly, though, the real enemy should be the masses who have this odd and unusal craving for instant gratification. Gotta have it now and gotta have the best and gotta have more & better than the Joneses.