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Appreciate your help guys, the spot look like water droplets, so I will give your idea a go Hexalent. I have seen the reducer formula but was going to leave it until I got the basics worked out. I'll give the borax and citrus a go as like I said earlier nothing seem to wash out of the paper it the first wash maybe this will help...
Ah! The evil water droplet strikes again! A drop on the paper will indeed affect a coating; sometimes causing more sensitizer to sink in, or the complete opposite. I had a (bad) habit of giving my coating brush a good shake before coating, sending droplets flying - and I wondered why I was seeing little spots on my prints.

Some folks add "Tween" or Photo-flo to their sensitizer to facilitate even coating on stubborn papers.

If you look closely, you will likely observe a faint cloudiness in the first wash water; the silver nitrate combines with chlorine in the water producing a insoluble silver chloride (assuming your water is chlorinated). Although there are no spectacular indications that unwanted salts are being removed, be assured that they are!

Good luck, and enjoy your prints. VDB is a beautiful process.