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What regards the future, I happen to have overheard that a Russian oligarch (won't write his name) will establish the "Institute of Pre-digital Photography", as he wishes to call it. It will be joint venture with one of the Saudi princes and a mega-rich Chinese businessman who is also an art dealer. They plan to hire staff in St Petersburg and Shanghai, about 50 researchers I think, and film coating lines in both cities. Lots of guest researchers will be welcome. There will be grants and scholarships to other manufacturers and to practitioners in the range from 5000 to 5 million USD.

Ooops I forgot, I was not supposed to say anything yet. I hope they don't change their minds now!
I love it! And, actually, I don't think something like that is an impossible scenario to imagine! More surprising things have happened, especially in art. Maybe it will be located in Bentonville, Arkansas.