I have a Nikon EL-2 and AW-1 Winder and like the camera very much. I owned a Nikkormat EL about 15 years ago and unwisely sold it. The battery seems to last about 6 to 9 months, with the 4SR44 silver oxide type (6.2V); I just bought a replacement and it cost 1200JPY. I have also used the cheaper, 6V alkaline type but the battery life was considerably shorter. I suspect that the EL2 needs something close to 6V for the meter/shutter to work. The 'exhausted' battery from my EL2 will still power my Pentax ES or Mamiya RB67 Meter Prism. The AW-1 winder is slow and only operates when finger pressure is removed from the shutter. These older Nikons F, F2, EL2 and Nikkormats FT & EL series were very nicely made and well-cared-for examples are still a pleasure to own and use today. Most things seem to be repairable with the rights skills and know-how and good repairmen always seem to have boxes of scrap cameras from which spares can be taken. The results from my Nikon are first-rate and the exposure meter gives beautifully exposed negatives and transparencies.