With a paper developer the weights are less critical +/- 10% will have only a marginal impact which would go un-noticed. To much or to little Bromide may affect the image colours though as well as the contrast.

Agfa Ansco (GAF) sold an MQ Developer Agfa 103 formerly N-103 as their Universal Film & Paper Developer and published Agfa 130 as a Universal paper developer but don't seem to have marketed it. They also sold Agafa 125 prepackaged later callinig it Vividol..

The Formula John's published here is similar to Agfa Ansco 130 but with no Hyrdroquinone, only 70% of the amount of Sodium Sulphite and less then 20% of the Potassium Bromde, this will affect the tray life very slightly, contrast andmore importantly image colour/tone. It's actually Ansel Adam's variation of Agfa 130 which he preferred because if gave him more neutral tones. Ansel left out the Bromide entirely but the 1g here might be preferable. I think it's published in "The Print".

Sorry to disappoint you John it's not the Ansco/GAF Universal formula but it does explain why someone else had come across it

It's worth remembering the refernce to Agfa developers here is to Agfa Ansco, later renamed GAF, and that these formula numbers 103, 125 and 130 are unrelated to the German Agfa (also Orwo) formulae of the same numbers which are for quite different unrelated developers.