Do you still use film? You can bet that I will be using film for a long time yet. I am currently using almost 95% black and white and the rest is color reversal.

Do you develop your own? I develop all of my black and white. Twelve months ago I was using between 5 and ten rolls of Kodachrome a month which was processed by Dwayne's. I send out my slide film at this time as the volume is quite low.

What are the advantages of digital and film? The main two advantages of digital are 1) instant gratification or the lack thereof and 2) ability to easily transmit images electronically. The advantage of analog is that it is a very mature medium and I like the look of a silver gelatine print.

Can you, do you use both. I use only analog except if I post an image on-line and then it is a scan of analog.

Do you use Film then scan negs before printing? No.

Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident? First, I am not an artist. I am willing to call a screw-up a screw-up. Best results come from a tight process and proper technique.

Have you any other thoughts...? That's a loaded question designed to provoke an analog vs. digital discussion. As a current count, there have been 1,124,254 posts on this site. Feel free to browse around.