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Bob Carnie fixes as well, and doesn't even try to defend it.

I've just recently started using fixer after toning or redevelopment, but for an ulterior purpose. It is a hardening fixer (the only one I use) and, per PE's suggestion, an apparently effective way of hardening without the challenges of having to mix separate hardener (which is apparently a relatively finicky process).

I of course wash after the the additional fixer.

It's really depedant on the toning process and particularly whether toning's to completion. There can be a case for re-fixing with some processes, there can even be a case for re-bleaching and fixing after some toners like dye coupler toners.

However with some toners refixing will destroy the colour / tones entirely so ideally sufficient reading / research needs to be done at the outset, or follow manufacturers instructions.

I did a lot of commercial research into toners and hardening was never an issue unless a hardening fixer was used prior to toning, then a softening bath was needed to ensure ven toning.

The OP's question is rather broad so needs a more simple answer.