I've tried several films and several developers in the last 2+ years. My experience isn't that long. I have been finding, the difference between films and developers (and combinations) isn't a significant factor in my photography. Initially, I did tests after tests and stressed over many things. If you see my early posts, you'll find how I had fought with XTOL and Tmax400. These days, I'm far more relaxed. I might overexpose a stop and under-develop 20% or so, if I feel it's necessary. I tend to put more of my effort toward printing in darkroom.

Film wise, I basically settled on Tri-X and Tmax400. They tend to have different mood to it that I like each in their own way. While I do "stock" Plus-X and Tmax100, I rarely use them. I don't know what equipment you use but with my F-100, I can have high shutter speed that allows me to open up a bit. It's rare 400 is too fast. (especially when I over expose by 1 stop) When I use medium format, max shutter speed is 1/400 so it is more of an issue there.

I know I'm not answering your questions directly. Nevertheless, this is my experience.