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To the OP:

Yours is a good question, but not one that is simply answered.

To draw a comparison, have you ever tried to research the purchase of a new car? If you have, most likely you will have had at least some frustration with the myriad of "facts" compared, and opinions offered.

One thing that may help, however, is to get used to how Tri-X behaves in a developer that you choose, and learn how to describe that behaviour in terms (shadow speed, resolution, accutance, grain, contrast, highlight retention, spectral response, etc.) that are commonly understood by those who like to talk about film .
Very well said IMO.

For the record, I use a number of films because I will often want a certain "look" that a particular film/developer combination will provide, but that's just me. I've either learned the results or am willing to learn it. I'll shut up for now.