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Hi jakyamuni,

Fantastic news about your treasure trove of old recipes! Even better is to meet another optimistic practitioner of the the scientific method. The Venn Diagram approach to examining the old darlings is great fun (and, of course, probably more to the point -- very productive.) I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Hope you share!

Oh, that won't be for a while yet. What I'm doing is to strip them apart, one process at a time (right now, it's Salt Printing)... collate, translate, and rediscover these things from the 1860s and before. Nineteenth century science writing is dense, verbose (it takes a full page for them to describe coating by floating) and sometimes wrong (Cyanide is called an element... and the terms "atom" and "molecule" are thrown around interchangeably).

I'm hoping to parlay this into a Master's Thesis though.