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after shooting 400 speed film it's hard to imagine me willingly loading 100 speed film in my camera unless I knew I was going to be shooting the entire roll mid-day on a sunny day. Otherwise I just don't have that flexibility of shooting wide open. I'll stick with Tri-X for a while, but if it fits the bill why even try anything slower?
I used to think that.

It was when I started printing in the darkroom and found my size, 11x14, that I really started "findng" my limits for certain 35mm films.

What I've now found, and this is just for me, is that HP5's and Tri-X's grain can really start competing with small but important details on a significant number of shots at this size. Delta 400's grain generally doesn't seem to interfere so much.

Delta 100 though makes a significant improvement in the fine details and I'm finding that I can shoot it just about anywhere and anytime in almost any situation that I used to think I needed a 400 speed film.

My only real struggle with Delta 100 is the contrast, I know that's a solvable problem, but it is really tough to get excited about that work when that darn old school FP4 shoots so easy and nice. So easy that I just bought another 100 feet plus 10 rolls of 120.

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I do like and agree with what everyone said about getting to know one particular film, and I intend to do that with Tri-X. Curiousity leads me to wonder more about other emulsions but I'll stick to what I have for now.
As you can tell I'm not an adherent to the one film doctrine.

Many people do very well with one film, and Tri-X is a nice one, but you'll never know how the others might fit until you try.