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Just wanted to ask about Phenidone, since more and more esoteric names for this has started to fly:


To me it seems obvious it is very important to know what type of Phenidone one has, and adjust the recipes for this, if comparing notes shall serve any meaningful purpose at all.
The variants have differences but they are mostly related to solubility (Dimezone is least soluble, Phenidone B and Dimezone S are a bit more soluble, Phenidone A is most soluble) and stability (Phenidone A is least stable in alkaline solution, Phenidone B a bit better; Dimezone and Dimezone S are about the same and better than Phenidone A/B) and there is not much to worry about in terms of adjusting the quantities. If you are preparing developers from powder and for immediate use, Phenidone A or Dimezone S is best. Otherwise, Dimezone S is the only winner.