Personally I like shooting TriX 400 and Acros100. Even though I have to say that I have TriX in my camera about 80% of time and while I love the look of Acros quite a lot, but I measured it to be around ASA64 for me and that is quite slow in most everyday settings. If I go for longtime exposures, I love Across for it's low reciprocity failure. TriX400 for me measures to about ASA 250 with my gear and development.

In the beginning I bought a roll of every ilm I could get a hold of in the ASA100 and ASA400 range, shot the same subject with all rolls and developed the same way and in the same chemicals. After comparing the results I picked two I liked and wasted some time measuring my personal EI and determining my N+1 and N-1 development times.

I can only recommend Ansel's 'The Negative'. Read about the different types of film and how they react to different spectrums, than pick some representation of your favorites and run a few rolls.