I've been through a lot of different different films the last year or two, just out of curiosity. But I have used just one developer. For 135 and 120 film I have settled on 4 types of film, very slow, slow, medium fast and fast. On 4x5 I currently use 3 different types, but I do consider to ditch one of them and instead push/pull more. Adding color filters to my shooting kit also gives me more options regarding contrast, so I don't need one contrasty film and one with little contrast.

However, when doing creative work I do like surprises sometimes. So I do have a lot of different types of film in my fridge for creative work, but when doing serious work where screwing up is not an option I always pick one of my standard films.

One interesting thing I must mention is how different the grain looks when I scan the negative compared to printing in my darkroom, that really surprised me. The darkroom prints of one negative I tested looked grainy and nice, but the scan turned out extremly grainy and not nice.