thanks ian !

for the years i searched i used the instructions " 1;6 film 72F, 6 mins" as my "tell" ...
i used to think it was A125 but the dilutions and times were different and the can
just said "universal developer" and i know vividol was sold in the 70s just as "vividol" ...
( i have almost bought some off ebay just to look at )

i looked at the 103 ( both when i was published here years ago ) and just now too
and the dilutions kept me at arm's length ...
maybe in the 70s they just changed the name to universal developer and changed the dilutions ?
it is too bad that orwa/agfa ... agfa/ansco ... and GAF didn't keep the same names + numbers
it would have made things a lot easier

i just processed a bunch of film in ansco 130 1:6 for 8.5mins yesterday, and they looked beautiful !

i should probably stop looking for what is right in front of me