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What about top of the line, or even mid-market Nikon body/lens pairings? My objection to his under-documented assertions remains the absence of a large accumulation of negative reviews and anecdotal reports concerning AF inaccuracy linked to bodies or lenses. Too many people have used Canon and Nikon professionally for these problems to go unreported or unremedied if indeed they actually existed.
Maybe top of the line products do perform better.

Look on photo.net and other places for people talking about problems like front/back focusing or poor focusing. As for anecdotal reports, well, I gave mine; rolleiman and Rol_Lei Nut gave theirs. You'll find many more if you look.
AF has its limits which are well known. Macro, for example. Pros need to produce a product, and it needs to be adequate. They accept that tradeoff. But there are many more amateurs than pros, and many more amateur/prosumer cameras sold than pro-level ones.

I have heard complaints from pros regarding AF failures, though often with the additional statement that they would have missed a lot of shots trying to manually focus, too. For sports they feel they get more keepers, but are less confident that any one shot will be good. The old skill of anticipating and pre-focusing seems to be fading.
Similar is firing a burst to be sure of getting a shot that's adequate, rather than anticipating the peak moment and getting the shot that's perfect.