Ok. Once again, now much shorter - lost the message when I sent it the first time.

Yuri B. aka Fedka is a good one - lives in NY, gives the stuff a Service and Cleaning before shipping and takes them back if you arenīt satisfied.

The Moskvas are nice cameras, but many have seen much (ab-) use in their life and much lesser service. Donīt buy a "As new" (there is a reason those were never used) nor a "beater" - this applies to all folders. Check the Struts for alignment, check the RF and lens for alignment and infinity (contact me if you need to learn how to do that, itīs both simple and important). Check the back cover for faded red windows or lost bolts on the sliding covers.

Never let the folderīs front cover "snap in", never force anything - that may bent the struts.

The Moskva has all the bells&whistles like full range shutter, 4 element lens (Single coated), a robust shutter - but at the cost of being bulky and heavy in comparison with more simple folders.

A 10EUR Agfa Billy 6,3 w/o RF will fit in the pockets of my pants and itīs light - the Moskva asks for a coat and your hand will be tired after a few hours "out on the street".