ian -

i know what you mean ... i am always reminded of people who used ( and still use ) dektol and make nice
smooth continuous tone negatives .. people always think print developer = golf balls sized grain ...
but print developers do all-right ..


i use the "kit" the formulary sells as their "formulary 130 paper developer".
i have used it with 35mm - 8x10 sheets ... 1:6 ( sometimes 1:10 ) ... i really can't complain,
although i know of people that have used this same developer, their agitation
technique gave them very contrasty film ... for sheets of film, i try to run it between 70-72
( glycin likes it warmish ) i do a pre-soak for about 2 mins and shuffle continuously for about 8-8 3/4 mins ...
water bath, then fixer ...

i am sure if you dilute it more than 1:10 it will work well too, you will have to do tests to determine development times ..