Thanks again for your responses. It's so difficult too because I don't have any equipment yet. This makes it difficult to try numerous emulsions since I'm not even printing yet. I am actually still checking craigslist for some tanks. I don't have room for an enlarger yet--it might be a year or two. I'm patient, I can wait.

Therefore, I will be shooting and scanning for the next year or two, but will be printing the images I like from this period and thereafter. I don't *think* I mind grain--I don't want this to look like digital, I want it to look filmy, as I'm still a digital shooter too. I think this means not going for the more modern films. Since a number of people seem to encourage less grainy and/or at least slower films, I might also buy some FP4 since it's traditional and seems like a solid option. That should give me a decent variety. Once I'm printing I might just shoot one roll of Acros and Neopan and Tmax just to see how they look.

Considered Neopan 400 but I think I'll stick with Tri-X and scanning for the next year or two. When I shoot B&W from time to time in 6x6, I'll use Tri-X.