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Ok due to all the great things people have said in this forum and the links to other information posted from here on the Canonet QL17 ... I went into my first combat on Ebay this week and I WON!!

As I wouldn't have even known about the little beastie had it not been for people here and as Sean is the daddy of APUG ... maybe I should send him the invoice LOL

Thanks everyone for starting me on my rangefinder addiction if it's anywhere near as good as everyone says it is

Hey Tony,
These are great little cameras and they do great work. Easy to haul around and quick to use. There are some common 'issues' though...Don't worry much about the built in meter and finding a useable battery; the meters are fussy at best and rarely meter properly. In my own usage, I've found that sticking to 'sunny-16' gives better results than relying on the meter, even when the meter is calibrated.

The shutter speeds can be off unless it has been recently CLA'd. It's an easy fix, though and there are oodles of web-pages devoted to unsticking the shutters. The other common problem is tired light seals. Again, this is an easy fix. There is a chap on eBay by the name of Jon Goodman, he goes by the moniker 'interslice'. He sells light-seal kits and is probably the most honest seller on eBay. He has a lot of advice and documentation on putting new light seals into Canonets.