Spacer: Years ago I made the mistake of going to National Camera Repair school in Colorado. I bought a bunch of ball bearing balls because as you found out, they tend to vanish to the 4th dimension. A few years ago, some teacher out in North Carolina did exactly the same thing you did with his X-700. He posted a message somewhere and I answered it telling him I had little balls. I didn't know the exact size but sent him four sizes. He fixed it and asked me what I wanted for my troubles. I told him to just post a message in the school paper about how a guy helped him. A few months later, I did a search on my name and up came this article about me giving out my little balls. I contacted him and he said their school paper is now online. I thought that was sort of neat. After all, how many schools now know I have small balls? Anyway, how about you contact me at and give my your address and I'll send you my little balls. You can reimburse me for the postage if you want. I have two X-700's and they are a great camera. I bought my first one new in 1985 and it has been in the repair shop once, and I still use it. It has paid for itself many times over just in memories. Anyway, if you can't find a closer source, I can't do this for everybody, but I hate to see a guy lose his balls. Again, the address is . Later, Ric.
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