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I don't know what the advantage of this developer is.
It's easy to mix (assuming you've pre-dissolved phenidone in something), and its grain is as fine as XTOL's. PC-TEA is more convenient and stable, but it has coarser grain. But this developer has the severe disadvantage of short shelf-life, so its appeal is the wonder that something so simple could produce great image-quality. XTOL is more practical because it lasts for 6 months or more.

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Also -- is that a row of Konica RF cameras up there? Pretty impressive!
Gotta love those classic Konica RF cameras. Top quality, solid build, great optics, and a practical front film-advance. I wish that their front-advance had won in the market instead of the clumsier top-right advance-lever.

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It's not new.
I'd like to give credit to where credit is due, so please provide a link or specific reference to an independent report of this formula.

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I don't know why you didn't see me saying it.
Sorry, I didn't see where you said it in this thread (even upon re-read), and I missed your statement about it in some other thread. I'm sure you will provide a link to where you said you were aware of this formula.

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