Good day,

Short story: I want a small film camera, with good wide angle lenses, built-in light meter available and must be easy to focus through the viewfinder.

Long story: I have a project that I'm working on this year that will require me to do some street shooting in a few poorer communities here, and I wanted to use a film camera primarily because I think I would be more comfortable using an old film camera than my digital slr camera (I normally don't shoot any public street scenes, mainly portrait sessions at private locations). I might be paranoid, but when I visit certain areas with my DSLR, I feel like I have a huge bullseye painted on my back as pretty much any digital slr screams "I have money, please rob me" (which I don't!).

I don't plan to stalk the streets, and will have the camera in plain view at all times, so its important that the camera meets the following requirements:

- Ability to take wide angle lens (24mm - 28mm). This was one of the reasons I decided against rangefinders, as using external viewfinders isn't appealing (plus they tend to be expensive).
- Is easy to focus!
- Has a built-in, usable and fairly accurate (in common situations) light meter.
- Fairly cheap used, with my budget being around 500 USD.
- Doesn't look too professional/modern, but is still functional.

I actually really wanted to shoot MF as I think a waist level finder (and large film size) is ideal for me, but the lack of metering, and the poor ergonomics and size when using a prism meter is a turnoff. Plus, I think most MF cameras (from videos I've seen online) aren't that easy to focus properly when not using a tripod (The Mamiya 7/Bronica RF look nice, but the wide angle situation, and the expense isn't ideal).

Again, I might be paranoid, and using my DSLR would probably be 100% safe, but just having that thought lingering in the back of my head while shooting isn't going to help.

* As a side note, none of my current lenses would work on any film camera.

Thanks for the help!