Did you know that the west was won by 1000's of guys handloading 1000 000's of rounds on their kitchen bench using nothing but volumetric measures.
These guys did not have the money to buy fancy smchmancy weights, but they had to survive! Don't tell me it doesn't work I have 30 years experience proving that, all powder measures ever sold are volumetric devices, nearly all pistol ammo handloads assembled in the entire world are measured by volumetric methods, in USA alone we have around 8 million handloaders......

All that said, you misses the point, I think the table mentioned in the DARKROOM COOKBOOK vol 2 p. 175 can be valuable information to translate all the strange US recipes for Kaffenol, teaspoons and all that, into scientific measures, that was what I was after first and foremost.

The IKEA measures mentioned BTW, reflects US standards as far as these things goes.