All the recommendations look great so far ... can't decide! I may have to just flip a coin, or better yet, see which one gives the best deal and best physical condition on eBay and just go with that. Either way should be fine I guess.

If I had to go with my gut feeling, I like the Yashica (based on the above review) and also like the Minolta X-series more, mainly because I found this review online which talks about the focusing and metering, and the 28mm is rather cheap now . There are a few issues though, such as complaints about battery drain, but leaving the battery out when not in use seems to fix that issue.

I currently have a Minolta XE-1, Minolta XD-11, Canon AE1, Pentax K1000, Pentax Spotmatic, Canon FTB and Yashica FX3 lined up on eBay from rated sellers, so depending on closing price, I'll get one of those!

While searching for info, I also found this ... sign me up . If I was to use this alone to decide, the Yashica is the most beautiful

And yes, having piles of money left over for film, will certainly help